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This is a Monthly service is for current clients only who've website has been recently created by YMH Creative Reflections only.

Designers use different theme configurations for responsiveness, coding, etc. If your website was not created by YMH Creative Reflections, and you are interested in this service, it requires new clients to book web design services.

This service is for Shopify and Wix users. In order to make sure your website is achieving its purpose, this maintenance package is great. Maintaining a website is necessary for success, and to ensure that it's running at full capacity. It's important to have a steady process of making adjustments to increase web traffic and sales. You want potential clients to always have a good impression when visiting your site. If you're a e-commerce business and your site functionality fails, people won't be able to purchase your products. Regular maintenance helps prevent these issues



• Theme updates \ Interface seasonal changes

• Updating Product's Information

• Update promotional banners

• Custom Email Marketing 3x a week to subscribers

• Removing outdated content

• Monitor Web Performance/ Seo Updates

• Integration of new apps

• Issue checks

• Link updates

• Testing forms/ Checkout Process